Dr. Dye and John Hefner examining dinosaur tracks at the Paluxy River bed.

Dr. Dye seated on an ancient Roman toilet.


Dr. Willie Dye in the Greek isles.

Dr. Dye with Dr. Don Patton teaching in Jordan

Dr. Willie Dye examines a 1st century cave at the Dead Sea in Israel.

Prof. Willie Dye, the World's Leading African American Biblical Archaeologist. "Failure is not a crime, but the crime is when one aims too low."

Of the three footprints in this photo, the largest is 25.5 inches long. The size 10 boot is added for scale.

Close up of the human footprint found at the Paluxy River which is 25.5 inches long.

Dr. Dye and his friend Calvin at the pyramids in Egypt.

David Lyons examines a pottery shard from the 10th century B.C. as Dr. Dye looks on.

Dr. Dye and colleagues examine a recently uncovered dinosaur footprint.

Excavating dinosaur tracks at the Paluxy River.

Excavating dinosaur tracks at the edge of the river bed.

Vandals attempted to steal this dinosaur track as detected by Dr. Willie Dye.

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